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蘇る、羊毛。 “Regenerated wool Bishu Japan” 尾州産地が続ける、“羊毛再生文化” 着古したセーターや、縫製工場の裁断くず、紡績工場の落ちわたなど、 廃棄される羊毛繊維を全国各地から集め、原料として尾州産地に持ってきます。 集めた原料は一つ一つ人の手によって仕分けられます。 羊毛混率の高い糸を作る為に繊維を選り分け、色を整えることで、 染めなくても使用できる、環境負荷の少ない糸を作ることができます。 Not waste,But materials. We collect worn woolen fibers from all over thecountry, such as worm sweaters, cutting waste from sawing factories, and fallen waste from spinning factories, and bring then to the Bishu region as raw materials. Raw materials collected are sorted by hand one by one. In order to make yarn with high wool content. By separating fibers and adjusting their colors, they can be used without dyeingand have a low environmental load You can make a thread. 反毛されたわたは繊維が短い為、 少量の化学繊維を絶妙の割合でブレンドする事により、強度があり、 かつ風合いの良い糸を紡ぐ事が出来ます。 この黄金比により蘇った羊毛を 「毛七(毛70%)」 と呼んでいます。 Recarding and spinning In the 19th century, yarn and dough can be loosened and made into batting. An recarding machine was invented Because of the short length of the fibers, it is possible to spin the yarn with good strength and texture by blending small amounts of chemical fibers in an exquisite proportion. We call wool revived by this golden ratio as [keshichi(wool 70%)]. 世界有数の毛織物産地、尾州。 毛七は、尾州産地の旧式の織機を使い、 熟練の職人がゆっくりと丁寧に生地を織っていきます。 Weave in Bishu One of the world's leading woolen production areas,Bishu. Keshichi uses an old fashioned loom ftom the Bishu region, and skilled craftsmen slowly and carefully weave the fabric. ​ 『廃棄素材や全国から集められた毛素材。 手作業から始まり丁寧に糸へと蘇らせる技術。 そんなストーリーと技術に感銘を受け、 大鹿株式会社様の”毛七”ウールを使用させて頂き、 W@nderFabricにてCAPを制作致しました。 ​ふんわりと柔らかくどこか懐かしさと暖かさがあるCAPになりました。』 W@nderFabric ・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・ Size: 【ML Size】57cm~60cm 【XL Size】60cm~63cm project/Texture:JAPAN MADE IN JAPAN 毛七ウールCAPを詳しく見る 大鹿株式会社”毛七” https://www.keshichi-138.jp/ ・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・ instagram https://www.instagram.com/wonderfabric_japan/ 最新情報の発信を行っております。 お問い合わせはインスタグラムメッセージでも承っております。 CAPサイズ https://wonderfabric-store.com/news/601cabf024386006652f1f75 決済手段 https://wonderfabric-store.com/news/608ba9eddf62a95056a6fae0 よくあるお問い合わせ https://wonderfabric-store.com/faq ・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・ The Japanese headwear brand. I make baseball caps which are used Japanese traditional fabrics, especially Kimono. The Japanese who make traditional fabrics are particular about weaving and dyeing. Kimono's design is unique and has some patterns - animals, flowers, and so on. Each pattern has meanings. Also, it is difficult to hand down or continue the method of making Kimono fabrics. So I save the attraction of Kimono and Japanese traditional technique as W@nderFabric. And I propose products which are modern fashion made from traditional fabrics. Customers who live in different countries can buy products. You can buy with peace of mind using. PayPal. After clicking “OVERSEAS” you can switch languages at the settlement page. The overseas shipping cost is 1500 yen. The cap will arrive after about a week from the purchase date.