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SEIHO KURIHARAxW@nderFabric SYODOCAP SEIHO KURIHARA writes a writing directly on the kimono cloth with ink W@nderFabric produces CAP at the workshop. On the front, I embroidered a book by Seiho Kurihara. All one point works. ​This work is also the first in Japan. <God> God is watching at any time. Believe in yourself. ・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・ SILK Size:【M-L FReeSize】56.5cm~59.5cm (7-1/8 ~7-1/2) Brim:7cm  Crown:11cm project/Texture:JAPAN MADE IN JAPAN ・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・ Baseball CAP of 6 panels. Adjustable with adjuster. To customers who ordered from outside Japan You can order with confidence in paypal settlement. The settlement page is English-ready. SEIHO KURIHARA Japanese calligrapher. In the up-and-coming writer Produce unique works that do not fit into the mold It is considered difficult in the world, Selected for "Le Salon" and "Salon d'automne" in France. Although it is a calligrapher, it is highly appreciated in the field of art, Not only Japan but also famous people in the world have their works Activities mainly in Japan, Europe and America A unique view of the world where books and art are mixed Breaking down the concept of the book with novel ideas and composition His method of drawing pictorially with the aid of a character tool is The novel, bold and delicate one side is also visible and hidden. There are a lot of works using castre and splashes that can only be expressed in writing 栗原正蜂氏が、着物生地に直接,白墨で書を書き W@nderFabricが工房でCAPを製作。 フロント部分には、栗原正蜂氏の書を刺繍しました。 全て1点物作品。 〈神〉 どんなときも神は見ています。 偽りのない自分であれ。